TEN 04.08.2022 Monthly News

7. Can Red Light Really Protect Aging Eyes? Red light therapy is a technique that is considered to be therapeutic with the use of red low-level wavelengths of light. It is commonly used to treat acne, wounds, skin issues including scars, and help in reducing arthritis.⁣ → Link

6. Eyelid Dermatitis. If your eyelids always feel itchy, irritated, or swollen, it may be because of eyelid dermatitis. Atopic (allergic) contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis are the two types of a very common condition called eyelid dermatitis. → Link

5. Corneas and Other Eye Tissue Donations. Giving your eyes to medicine and research after your death as an organ donor is a brave act. You could save the sight of one or two people who need new corneas, or you could even support millions of people who profit from eye tissue studies. The most common use of donated eye tissue is cornea transplants. Nearly 47,000 cornea transplants are performed each year to help people with corneal injuries or keratoconus regain their vision. It is important to note, however, that other parts of the eye are just as important in the fight to save sight. → Link

4. How to Care for Your Eyes During Coronavirus. During the pandemic, it could be scary for some people to visit their ophthalmologists because of the fear of infection. People are now hesitant to even go for routine check-ups. You really have to choose only the trusted medical professionals who follow strict hygiene and disinfection protocols for medical consultations. → Link

3. Improving Sports Performance Using Contact Lenses. Wearing eyeglasses can be a bother to others because of the frame. Some athletes use contact lenses for their vision problems and enhance their sports performance by giving them a wider field of view. Soft contacts are mostly used by athletes but GP lenses are also given as an option. → Link

2. Can Having Pterygium Be a Problem in Getting LASIK Procedure? Not all people are familiar with what a pterygium is. For individuals who heard that they have a pterygium must be wondering if it can interfere with their plan on getting LASIK. It is a case to case basis but usually, you can have LASIK when you have pterygium. It is a rare occurrence that the answer is no when you are getting LASIK. → Link

1. Could Eye Drops Treat Cataracts Without Surgery? Scientists have discovered a compound that can reverse cataracts. The good news is, it can be soluble enough to be in a form of eye drops. Cataracts can bring permanent damage to vision if left untreated. The only option believed to treat cataracts today is surgery alone. However, one group of researchers have found a way to treat cataracts non-surgically for the first time in history! → Link

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